Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to buy Agriculture Land in India?

As per law, unless you are a farmer, in majority of the Indian states, you are not allowed to buy agriculture land. So you can buy this land only if your father or grandfather owned land and was a farmer or else you need to show that you already own some farm land. Most of us urbanites are not farmers, even remotely, so you then need to apply for conversion of land to non-agriculture purposes. 

In Maharashtra buying agriculture land through a legal process is virtually impossible as one needs to be a farmer, or needs to show proof of his relatives being a farmer or show proof of being an agriculture worker on a farm. 

The way around this is to buy land in states like Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Harayana, Rajasthan or Madhya Pradesh; buy around 16 guntas which is 0.40 acre in these states, get the patta or the 7/12 issued in your name, making sure that you also get a valid translation in English to reduce registration time when you buy land in Maharashtra. This patta will show proof that you own agri land and this in turn will enable you to purchase land in Maharashtra legally. And once you get the farmland in your name in Maharashtra, remember, there are restrictions on the size of farmhouse and sheds that you can construct on the land. 

Remember, the process is pretty tedious and you might have to go against Annaji and grease some palms to get the land. And before buying ensure that the land is freehold and free from any encumbrances and litigations. One you buy farm land, maybe you can get contract labourers to start tilling the land! 


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