Friday, May 11, 2012

Gold vs Platinum.

Says Priyada, “which actress have you recently spotted wearing gold jewellery? They either stick to diamonds or platinum.”Platinum jewellery has an aura of uniqueness around it and women especially love to own it. Vijay Jain, CEO, Orra says, “The younger generation is definitely more open to buying platinum.
Today for engagements many young couples are opting for platinum rings in India. But this does not mean there are no customers in the 40+ segment.On Akshaya Tritiya, many older customers are asking for spiritual pendants crafted in platinum which were earlier the mainstay of gold. These however form only 25% of our consumers. The majority are youth.”
However, platinum will have to fight a long battle before it can replace gold as the metal of preference, because Indians look upon jewellery as something which will bail them out during tough times. And platinum does not fulfil this need. Platinum is sold on a piece rate basis and it includes making charges, which can be quite high. If you were to ever resell your platinum jewellery, you would get back about 90 % of your investment.
Gold or platinum, the choice is easier when you know which function you want your jewellery to fulfil – investment or adornment.

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