Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jobless-Recovery Threat.

Jobless-Recovery Threat
In the "Executive Decision" segment, Cramer spoke with Dan Dimicco, president and CEO of Nucor (NUE Quote), to get a better handle on the state of the economic recovery. Dimicco came out with guns blazing, saying that all of the demand the economy has seen thus far is inventory-related and not job-related. He said those in Washington are not focus on the real crisis, and that's jobs. The threat of a jobless recovery is much more severe than anyone realizes, he said.

Armed with charts of the past five recessions, Dimicco illustrated that with every recession since 1980, the recessions have been getting deeper and the recoveries taking longer to get back to the original employment levels. And with the current crisis, the numbers are off the charts, as the job losses continue to mount, he said. Dimicco said everyone's top three priorities need to be jobs, jobs and jobs. He said health care and global warming don't hold a candle to the problem of jobs. Dimicco said our country could do itself a great service by cutting off foreign oil and using its own natural gas and oil until alternative energy becomes feasible. This alone would create tens of thousands of jobs and help move us towards the road to recovery, he said. Cramer commended Dimicco for his efforts to get Washington to focus on jobs. He said he's joining in Dimicco's crusade and hopes viewers do as well, as jobs are not a Democratic or Republican issue but an American issue.

Courtesy: http://www.thestreet.com/story/10609058/2/mad-money-recap-the-right-retail-story.html

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